How To Get Japanese Products Delivered To Your House For Cheap? – Do You Need Package Forwarding?

Do you need Package Forwarding? (Yes, you probably do.)

Package forwarding, proxy address, Japanese address, proxy shopping etc. are strange words or rather some weird mumbo jumbo for the newcomer in the universe of Japanese product ordering from outside Japan.

Simply put, Japanese sellers usually don’t care that you desperately want their product to be shipped overseas.
They don’t want the extra hassle.

Most of them don’t ship to international addresses – and don’t bother begging (I tried… twice.) because everything they do is based on strict regulations which are either personal, corporate or based on their contract with Rakuten or Amazon.

If you noticed, most of them don’t ship overseas… but a select few in comparison to the vast majority who don’t… actually do ship internationally! Yes! Finally a win for us international buyers!

But… of course there is a but. Those Rakuten sellers who sell with the direct international shipping option are usually those same greedy sellers who add tons of profit on top of the usual retail price. Remember eBay? Think something just slightly cheaper but still expensive in comparison to the non-inflated price.

I’ve seen products going for $120 on eBay, $105 on Rakuten International sellers (those who ship to your address directly) and $65 on domestic Rakuten sellers (those who just ship to Japanese addresses).

The difference is obvious, the less hassle you go through the more you pay. If you’re a bargain hunter though – 90% of the time – package forwarding is your best option. Why? You get the $65 price (plus around $0-$5 for domestic shipping) and will pay something around $15-$50 for regular sized packages, which in fact means you will be paying no shipping fees compared to the other options. You want more reasons to be convinced to use package forwarding? The average parcel costs $25 to ship internationally to common destinations such as Europe and North America. Even more reasons? Top package forwarding companies such as Tenso sometimes even have campaigns which slash that amount greatly. Your $65 product could be yours with a final total price of $83 – much better than the estimated $150+ on eBay, eh?

Top package forwarding companies and their features:

#1 – Tenso –
Simply the best in package forwarding from Japan to other countries!

  • No membership fees. Free Japanese address supplied on registration.
  • Constantly gets promotions on Rakuten that help you save on the shipping prices.
  • Allows you to easily consolidate multiple packages – although they charge you for that as well.
  • Allows you to set the value and insurance availability on each item in your package.
  • While very fast and efficient on weekdays, currently does not work at all on the weekends.
  • Overall best in terms of ease of use, customer support, working hours, delivery time, insurance, promotions, packaging, handling and shipping fees.

#2 – Tenso Japan –
The cheapest in package forwarding from Japan to other countries!

  • No membership fees. Free Japanese address supplied on registration.
  • The cheapest service fee, insurance fee and shipping fees.
  • Constantly holds promotions that make the total fee even cheaper.
  • Very efficient and fast service.

#3 – White Rabbit Japan –

  • No membership fees. Free Japanese address supplied on registration.
  • Service fees given in US Dollars as opposed to all other services charging you in Yen.
  • A much simpler website layout than other services and perfect English used on the website.
  • Staff’s name and quick bio has been put on the website as the website tries to be as friendly as possible with clients.
  • Testimonials page includes satisfied users’ testimonials; including some high profile client testimonials.

#4 – DankeDanke –

  • Reliable

#5 – From Japan –

  • Dedicated Service

#6 – JapantoDoor –

#7 – BridGe.jpn –

#8 – Big in Japan–

#9 – OPAS –

#10 – MailBox1 –


Even if you think your desired product might be available on Rakuten Global for cheap, it doesn’t hurt to have more options by registering at one on the list which has free registration.

After signing up with one of these services, you’re ready to finalize your order. Up next!

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