How To Get Japanese Products Delivered To Your House For Cheap? – Finalizing Your Order

Finalizing Your Order

To finalize on, simply switch to English and follow all the steps.

If you used Tenso as your address, this will definitely help you:

Furthermore, if you’re logged in, it will also let you know EXACTLY what you should enter.

So log in and go that page to get your address and how to enter it.


To finalize your order on Rakuten, I recommend using this trick to view non-globally available products on an English page:

Using the example we had, the Adidas product, this is the Rakuten Japan url:

But that is all Japanese and for us who can’t even read Japanese, we have to change that url to Rakuten Global with this method:

auc-aspo is the shop name

oss-ajp-vu978-z52635 is the product name in this shop

so we replace them accordingly, like this formula:<shopname>/item/<productname>/

and we get this:


tada! same product page but in English!

Now click add to cart and if the product is not being shipped globally, you have to check and then click Add to cart.

Once all products are added this way, log in and complete your order!

Most shops will send you the domestic or international shipping code after shipping the item.

If you used a Forwarding Service, you will get a notification once your package reaches their warehouse and depending on the service you will need to pay for your package’s international shipping and then your package will finally make its final journey to your house!

Any questions, comments or anything I missed, make sure you comment to let me know!


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