How To Get Japanese Products Delivered To Your House For Cheap? – Finding The Product You Want

Finding The Product You Want

First up in your search to get an awesome Japanese-only product would be to know if the product you wish to buy exists in Japan or not.It could be out of stock, not yet available or perhaps was never available in the first place.

What do you want it to be? In stock and ready to ship!

The most effective and global searching tool to find out if your item exists or not is Rakuten Japan’s search box! (And NOT the Rakuten Global search)

Why? Because it searches the whole database of the Rakuten shops, while the Rakuten Global search only searches the shops that ship worldwide.

Go to

Search the product brand and model name/number combination.

See if you get a result and if the results are what you expected to see (At times I’ve searched for Soccer shoes and got hammers and other tools as a search result because of similar model names!).

Did you find the product you wanted to find? If yes, next up is to order the prices to be ascending (Oh yeah, we want cheaper options!)

As you can see in the screenshot, you have to choose the second option from the dropdown.The search will now show cheaper prices on top.

But if you haven’t entered an exact model – like we have done in the screenshot! – this will also make you see other stuff that you didn’t mean to search.

We want to filter out only the product we want to see.So when the page comes up with the ascending prices, I find the ones I really wanted to search and go to the product page.

Next, I find the model name/number and copy it and then search it in the box.


Each brand has its own model number method.

In each category, it’s going to vary greatly but below I explain some common Sports companies’ modeling methods:

Adidas starts with a letter and has 5 numbers after it. Both the model and color are explained in the 6 digit model.

Nike uses a different method in which there’s usually a string of numbers representing the model itself and a dash separating it from 3 numbers that represent the color code.

Puma is similar to Nike but its color codes usually start with 01 (01 being the first color and so on), as opposed to Nike using the color codes as an identification, Puma usually uses them as the order of the colors released in that model.

Lotto, uses a similar method to Adidas, except there are only 4 numbers and it’s 5 digits in total.

These are of course sports brands and in every category you’re going to have to find out the model numbering method.

Moving on, now I search for that code I copied from the product I had found and then sort it as ascending prices again.

The one I had found seemed pretty cheap at 470 Yen, but can I find cheaper?


Yes! I found another shop selling it at 460 Yen!
10 Yen is nothing but trust me I’ve saved up to 9,000 Yen on some purchases using this method.

Continue on to see how you should proceed with your order!

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