Dough Improvements


Yeah, THAT is the Food Processor difference. Whatever that means. At least Farah says it makes a difference. We’ll see after the bread is baked.

And after all that preparations for the DVD camcorder — even though we got the files ready on the hard disk now — we still can’t edit the files easily as they are DVD movies and can’t be edited easily. Well I thought DVD movies are easy to edit, apparently just not at the moment.


Ardi’s team won their fourth game out of four today morning, as Saeid was filming it with our new camcorder. Quality turned out to be perfect and even though I wasn’t there today morning, it feels like I was when I watch the DVD. Impressive.

Also Ardi covered the ‘AM’ (his initials) that he had printed on his shirt because as those who know Turkish already know, those two letters also make a word for a female body part. Well, imagine that. At least he covered it for now.

And at 4 PM, was our own game. between ourselves and stuff. Well, let’s say we won by a big big big margin. 15 goal difference, at least. Probably around 23-8. We ran, assisted, smashed and literally saw them off. Saeid was also filming this game but the filming quality was ummm… CRAP! really what you can describe as the worst cameraman ever. I had like 3-4 great goals and dribbles in this game, all of them are either not even on tape or the camera is recording the walls. Such a shame for all this wait and all this perfect playing and it’s not even recorded.

It’s All Verbal

From 9 AM to 1 PM was 12-13 year olds games in the field. We waited and waited and… After all that, we (older than 13 year olds) decided to do a mini football game. With Emre and Serhat (of Uzun Yusuf) forming one team and the other being me and Batuhan Dingilden which we won 5-0. In a similar game against Fatih and Serhat, we won 6-5. Then we left the field for Ardi to meet with Mahmut (the coach and general manager of Koca Mustafa Pasha). He confirmed his sort of promise to Ardi that he will let him give him tips in one of next season’s games. After that we also left there, obviously.

Farah’s Food Processor came today and also the Bluetooth Mini Stick. I can say Ardi’s truly happy right about now.

Oh and we finally got that bag for the camera too. Now it’s a complete set!

It’s Here!

In the morning I went out for a light training in the park, to get ready for perhaps tomorrow if we went to the football field AND have the cam by then. Surprisingly for one of the few times that has happened, a hobo was sleeping in the park. and luckily he didn’t get up after all that keepie uppie I played.

And in other news… wait for it… wait for it…

The DC310 Camcorder has finally arrived!
And to the surprise of us, it doesn’t have neither a bag for itself nor a DVD RW disc.
Well we got the DVD RW discs alright, but no bag yet. But that’s OK.

We’ll hopefully have some pictures and some series up soon. In HD!

Celebrating, the cliche way

Today was Ali’s birthday, so typically it was celebrated in Historia. Burger King to be precise. Then it was followed by 2 rounds of table football. Me and Ardi’s team losing the first game 5-4 to Ümit and Ali’s team and then winning the latter 6-4. We won by aggregate too.
And by the way, Ali’s 17 now and nobody – not even himself belives that. He’s quite short.


Oh and that jelly has nothing to do with Ali’s birthday as Farah made them. Tasted good but was ‘too healthy’. really no sugar’s added and it was just jelly. At least it looked good.

New T-Shirts?

Me and Ardi finally got to design our very own T-shirts today. My design turned out to be quite good, even though the T-shirt printing quality on a black shirt was TERRIBLE. absolutely terrible. it left a big mark over the logos, completely ruining the T-shirts neat look. And then was Ardi’s ‘overcrowded Bernie-Swissie logo combo’ which to be honest was anything a cool T-shirt wasn’t. And his T-shirt, because it was printed on a white one turned to be BETTER. unbelievable really. If it wasn’t for the writing that he added (AM, for his initials) his T-shirt would have been perfect. and why that writing would make it not perfect? well, let’s say the letters he wrote also make up a Turkish word for a critical body part. Shame, he didn’t know that before printing. Now he walks around with that, holding his hand in front of it so nobody sees.

Also back near the grocery shop, the biggest news was the ice creams are now being sold at 50 Kr. rather than the usual 70 Kr. And that was why more than 25 ice cream sticks were sold in the next hour after the promotion was in place.

So, So Skilled

I finally finished the Skill Points videos for Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon.

You can see them all here in a playlist.

And in the meantime we’re also waiting for the new camcorder we’ve ordered last night to arrive. Just… need to… have it. Fast.

Buy it Already!

It was yet another buying-through-installments day for us as we went to Mr. Doostdar’s Motel office for him to buy the stuff for us. It did take a little more than an hour to finish our shopping but in the end we also did get to properly order our brand new camcorder. Hopefully the pictures on it would not be blurry like my cellphone and will be just like that guy said (geek voice).

Also Ardi met his friend nicknamed ‘Hitman’ after a long long while. Although this meeting wasn’t deadly, in fact it was very friendly. The biggest and the most exciting part of the meeting was the ‘Phone Swap’ moments where Ardi and the Hitman guy swapped their phones, to explore each others phones. And in other news apparently that guy has some big plans for his life that are going to happen very soon.



Today we went to Olivium for the first time, to see what Mustafa described to be THE perfect shopping mall. With Ardi paying for everyone’s burgers. But all that was after Ardi’s team had won their tournament game, making their record 3 wins out of 3 games. The Olivium trip itself was an incentive for the win.


Also even though we were lost on the way back to the football field (to play our 4 pm scheduled game) for more than 3 times, we finally made it there at 3:59 pm.

And, of course we won the game. 15-13. Our team was by far the underdogs, if it wasn’t for me, Ardi and Ahmet. All other 4 players were truly what you can describe in a single word as crappy. We won the game anyway, this game being the third consecutive game me and Ardi play and win. Also my 7th game to win in a row without a match lost.

Oh Crap!

Even though Bayern did beat Stuttgart 2-1, we still lost the Bundesliga race in the last day. Toni as always did his regular goal missing stuff (a 2008-2009 season regular) and proved once again that there COULD be a transfer with large fees involved that is still crappy.

In other news F.Yayla (The team I train it with but can’t play for due to licensing issues) won a game that should have ended 25-0, 6-0 instead.
As always they missed a lot of opportunities and blah blah… they are an amateur team after all though, shouldn’t have compared them with my standard of a sane game anyway.

And so as we get to a season’s end… what’s up about my own football career, well there are possible hopes but wouldn’t want to spoil them, even if they are hard to achieve.