Teenage Expectations

Today’s training was bound to be crazy one with 3 age groups all there at once and me being the one to blamed for everything which was going to be wrong, we did an hour of training and played 10 minutes that was when we had to leave the field because it was reserved by another team for an hour. I used that hour to talk to my players, sing some top eurovision songs and take some pictures which turned out just about fine.

then we had another hour in our hands I arranged for my 12 year old players to have a friendly game with another team of 12 and 13 year olds which ended 5-4 in our favor although this game had its reverse effects on us one of players which I took off shouted at me and ran to his home because he thought he should play longer I really don’t know how and in which language I should tell these kids that it’s only a friendly.

but this wasn’t the end after that game my 14 year old players had a session which included some 15 year olds and some 12 year old stars which I chose for that training, which went very well with two of our players who were sick a day before coming back.

4 hours later I had a stupid chat with one of 14 year olds, he wasn’t happy with the fact that I didn’t play him as a keeper in 12 year olds game, he even went as far threatening to quit which was stupid 3 hours later he was all different though I don’t get what’s with some of these kids.

Street Football Horror

Playing street football is not much of a biggie for me as I’ve been playing it since I was 5 but this time it really involved some big time need for car-dodging.
And it’s even worse than it sounds when the drivers are furious about what you’re pulling off out there. Streets are for cars and drivers after all. In fact they might just ‘slip up’ and allow an accident to happen. Luckily that didn’t happen this time. Luckily.

Hot Chocolate

It was yet another one of those Farah’s weekly baking days, Which honestly had a bit of a twist to it this time. She managed to bake a chocolate cake – and in reality!

Even earlier on she made a delicious macaroni.

And then put those pink stuff on it that even I couldn’t distinguish between thousands of possible ‘macaroni dressings’.

That’s too many inventions. I hope I make it to tomorrow.

Goodbye UEFA Cup

And so the UEFA Cup bade farewell to just about everyone last night as Shakhtar beat Werder 2-1 to get the cup. Although Werder did make it 2-2 if it wasn’t for the referee not seeing it. And I’m saying that, not just anyone. I’m a die hard Bayern fan. Usually I don’t care for Werder’s results. Just have to realise the facts and realities sometimes.
Either way it was a pretty exciting final.


With a cat making its way to the field and leaving after it was asked to. Literally. The cat left just when everybody asked it to. No force needed. Not implying that they WERE going to use any force. No.

Even Better

After having success in yesterday’s game, I also had some extended success today in our training match for club, despite all the fatigue piling over from being super hyperactive this week. I just hope all this good playing counts for something, even though it probably doesn’t.

Also, I was playing with my new shoes that I bought last night and do they rock or do they rock?!

The Right Attitude

YES! We did it! What seemed to be a fairytale has turned into reality! We’ve won the game and this time we really came back strong, strong enough for strangers to cheer for our magnificent play.

The Right Attitude

YES! We did it! What seemed to be a fairytale has turned into reality! We’ve won the game and this time we really came back strong, strong enough for strangers to cheer for our magnificent play.

It’s Time!!

About 4-5 months ago, we (the team of us and our friends consisting of Ardi and I) played a friendly game with a local team. Even though the clear favorites by the start of the game, as we went on to the pitch with a full squad, we lost the game by quite a big margin. With at least 3 goals difference as I remember. After the game everybody discussed the loss in a not-so-good way of discussing with each other, involving shouting etc. The latest follow up to that story would be that on Sunday me and Ardi played on a team that beat that very same team by the very same goal difference we had lost to them. Making it a perfect revenge.

Now, our team with our friends also has a friendly game scheduled for tomorrow, with another powerful team being the opponents. This is time to get back together as a team after a long while. And if we can beat this opponent too, this would be a great come back.

Also I got a new haircut today, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game more than reviews on my hair.

They Lost!

F.Yayla (the team I train with, but can’t play for due to licensing issues) is now out of contention for a promotion spot as they lost their game 6-1 today at Nurtepe.

That means not only this season is over for me, it’s for them too. Can’t say I’m not slightly happy.

The Yoyo Salesman

Like any other normal Saturday, I went to Ardi’s kids football team’s training. (No, not to do any training there, just to watch and perhaps ‘help’). And just like that, yet another Saturday morning was spent watching Ardi’s ummm let’s say not-so-talented-but-eager-to-have-fun-players who come every week and they play all the same the next week. They also mainly fail against any fitness battle against any other team. Unless the opponents are 5 year olds. In which case they’ll be glad to show off their ‘long lost skills’.

After the training and the talks were over at 1 pm (it started at 10 am) Ardi accompanied Arda (one of his team’s sort of good players) to Historia, where he intended to buy a Yoyo as his old expensive one was broken. After another 2 hours lost talking about whether warm water is better for health or ice-cold water and also whether buying Yoyos online would do any harm to mankind or not, finally Arda bought his Yoyo he wanted. I have to say it was quite weird that Ardi was kind of acting like HE is the salesman in the shop, he was constantly encouraging him to buy it and it wouldn’t be a loss at all. After he bought it he showed it off in a quick show in a video he had Ardi record on his mobile phone. But the most surprising fact about Arda and his friend’s visit to Historia was that unlike Mustafa (the goalkeeper) they thought Historia was cool, even better than Olivium. As they said, they don’t let kids play with Yoyos have talented Yoyo players in Olivium.