Ice Cold

I usually fix dummies people’s computers for free but when me and Ardi went to Dr. Zamani’s pharmacy today, let’s say it was completely different. We got paid double what we expected and it didn’t even take us a lot to finish. Even though I’m not sure how many diseases we contracted in those 90 minutes, if the doctor asks I know it included highly contagious allergy reactions and severe backpain caused by eating too much exhaustion.


Then we visited Ümit and Muhammed at Yayla Gıda (I’m still not sure if that’s the actual name, but it’s better than ‘That grocery store nearby’) for some chatting. After a while Ümit decided to try his luck at one of those ice creams which you can get one free if you’re lucky enough. Turns out he was more than lucky, he went on to get free ice creams for 4 times in a row. I bet Ülker are looking for this guy now to ask him how he does it, but he tends to be a little camera shy when corporates are looking for him. And I don’t really want to provide an example why.

The Unreachable

Today was the training day since Wednesday was the domestic football cup final and nobody would have come to the training then.

We did the usual running blah blah and our coach tried to get us the football field for 30 minutes as he did last week. Eventually he failed, as the field was occupied by some kids kicking balls the local football club’s kids team.

After arriving at the club I tried to reach Ardi, who happens to be very slow in sending SMS (even when his reply, is either yes or no). So I decided to just go to the football ground we always go to, Uzun Yusuf. Yup, he was there. Apparently having a chit-chat with the janitor.

Food, Food, Food

Today me and Ardi went to Historia for some burgers and an ice cream with Ümit.I guess it was Burger King’s lucky day as we happened to pop out of the elevator right in front of it and was apparently too lazy to walk to reach McDonald’s.

When we got back to our usual hang out place, Ferhat asked me to accompany him to the so called ‘cheap bread store’. He was looking to buy 5 breads with the money he had, even though he ended up getting only 4 as the cheap place was out of bread and he had to buy from elsewhere. On the way back he asked me to teach him some foreign language insults to call others, which I did of course. I don’t think he remembered any of them but one, which he immediately called Ardi the moment he saw him. I was going to shout “IT WASN’T ME!” but nobody would have believed.

Smells Like Tuna

We had tuna for lunch. pretty heavy tuna I tell you. Couldn’t wash it down easily with lots and lots of Pepsi. We decided to go out for a walk, maybe that would help. No it didn’t, but we managed to reach Uzun Yusuf (our so called, home football field) and catch up with some friends. we last saw them on Sunday.

Then we ended up touring the whole area around the field. I guess those guys were really serious when they said “We’re gonna show you all about our area”. It did take near 3 hours for the tour to end. But it did end, it sure did.

Stupid Dialogue

Having lost a game and having other guys turning backs on me left me with a bunch of people who believed I was the cause of their loss in their game so I arranged to meet with the guys and Yasin (another team’s coach)  at uzun yusuf  to clarify stuff.  a long talk which satisfied Yasin. now I can walk around without worriying about them but the long lasting talks which lasted like 2 hours didn’t solve my troubles as the talk kept on going on and on and the other guy who was accusing me of fighting during my game wasn’t giving up on his idea.  and at the end neither party won it but I managed to play some cards which left them thinking about their final say.  lets see what’s going to happen next.

A rare training at Merkezefendi

Another Wednesday and of course another short visit to the Merkezefendi Park.

First, it looked like the same old same old but then we got surprised by our coach’s new ‘friend’.


Before I tell you about the big surprise though, let’s look at this week’s antiques:

A compromising shot of our team’s players running trying to run through the traffic. (no, we don’t have any ladies in our team. I don’t think we can have ladies anyway)


And finally, it wouldn’t be a fun running session without some competition.


The surprise was actually Demir negotiating with one of the local football clubs to let us go and practice for 30 minutes in their field. We rarely even touch the ball in our usual training schedules. So this was a big surprise to be rewarded with actual field practice after our running session.


Whatever Those Are…


This is Farah’s attempt at a ‘decent’ homemade bread. In my honest opinion it’s rather more like a overpriced diet cookie with no sugar added (and for some unhealthy reason very buttery).

The Fading UEFA Cup


The UEFA Cup, the second biggest european club competition will have its last Final played in Istanbul. No, it wouldn’t actually end, it’s gonna be re-branded as Europa League next year but still the idea of something being the last time sounds interesting.


And in the mean time, hearing that the aforementioned cup is 600m away from you is even more extra ordinary-like. So me and Ardi HAD to walk that 600m to take some of our own pictures of that old, old cup. And perhaps handle it if they let us (They didn’t, damn). Another interesting fact was that they had two guards, each more than six foot tall guarding the cup, rather than proper protection. It’s not like somebody’s gonna grab the cup and run, or is it? I mean who’s gonna be able to sell the UEFA Cup and get away with it? (actually, they probably can).  but then again the winners will probably do that in the football field anyway.

Urban Disaster


This might look like a river or something else from this angle that I took it from, but it’s nothing more than rain on improperly used pavement.

He’s like… FUNNY!


Those kids were almost having a seizure – if not a panic attack – after Ardi started his pretty much ‘regular standup’. It all started calm and they were waiting for the punchline. but after the first punchline, they were laughing. Like laughing too much. I almost dialled 911 (before realising that number doesn’t even work here).