Ardi’s Birthday PARTY!

Even though Ardi would be the perfect person to write on this, he’s either too lazy or lost for words. With the first possibility having a bigger chance.

Anyway Ardi wasn’t convinced only a cake and some burgers for 4 to be eaten indoors would do the trick for his 22nd. Instead he went for a cake and many burgers for like 10 to be eaten outdoors. Got to say he was pretty creative to say the least.

Oh and where else than McDonald’s would be his choice?


But Ali was having a second thought, comparing Burger King and McDonald’s in real-time.


And if you can describe this next one, you’re welcome to do so. And no it’s not a British boy band from the 70s.


Ardi’s Birthday

As usual a chocolate cake.*


*Chocolate cake not fully displayed. candles might have caused blurriness

If it isn’t the old gang…


Barely Appropriate

Sometimes being a football (soccer) fan in here gets tough, to the extent that people do unbelievable things to keep up with rival fans.


Even more tough is when all the other fans are doing an activity and you can’t. Now that’s the case with our calculating buddy on left. Even though he can’t legally bet on sports, he’s just doing everything he can to keep up with the ‘cool’ guys, by calculating their possible earnings from their bets. And if you think that’s desperate, wait til you see what local football fans do on Facebook. Their phenomenons have gone nationwide and soon to be worldwide.

Facing Our Fears

Tonight me and Ardi were out and about near Historia. There wasn’t much to do there so the idea of visiting the park nearby came into our mind. Even though it’s a suicidal idea to visit the park after 9 pm, our boredom didn’t take no for an answer. Surprisingly there was Ferhat and his sweeth… I mean one of his friends who happens to be a female sitting there. Oh and also Ferhat’s class-mate and neighbor, Engin.


Turns out they were bored too. So we decided to go on a photography rampage and take LOADS of pictures. Out of all of them, the one above made it through. Congratulations.

Back he goes

Ahmet Akyol finally goes back to his hometown Mardin.


Even though he promised he will be back every summer, I doubt we’ll see him until 2012. At least.


Wait a minute!

After many of players failing that Body Language test, everything looked bad for most of talented players training who had hopes of playing for a club for once. Even though not all of them are talented, most are. And ironically most got rejected. Including me. Either way, the important point is that our coach, Demir Dizdar has now negotiated with Fatih Yayla Football Club for us to be their youth team for this season’s league. That’s magnificent isn’t it?

Be A Good Example

Today was another computer class session with me and Ardi at the Sohta Sinan summer school.


The funny thing is, our biggest challenge is not making children learn the stuff quickly, but to make them learn the stuff as the summer school manager ‘planned’. Then again that would be awkward wouldn’t it? Having students who are more intelligent than expected and not being able to nurture their talents.

I guess summer school bureaucracy wins again.

Sir, Please wipe your mouth.


At first glance you might label these three people as father, daughter and son. No. Those two on the left are part of the ‘Ottoman Empire-like people reenactment’ thingy who were there for Historia’s grand opening and you can see Saeid on the right. Obviously forgetting to use a tissue after licking off that vanilla ice cream. And what is it that the ‘old’ guy is holding, I don’t know but it doesn’t look good from here.


Historia is now officially open! This new shopping mall is “going to change the style of this part of city”. We’ll see.


Although you can’t see much more than a Starbucks branch, I’m sure there’s more to it. At least that’s what they promised