Well, That Went Bad…?

Now finally we (being our little team under coaching of Demir Dizdar) went to Namik Sevik stadium (to be eventually redirected to the Zigana pitch) to try out for Güzel Hisar. All I can say is, they just saw me and said “NO” with a body language way of saying no. And I wasn’t talking about them seeing my game, they just saw that “I’m not tall enough for their team” and didn’t even let me try out. Well, that’s a shame.

Test Your Skills

As promised by our coach that we will participate in an actual club’s entry tests, we’re scheduled to go to Güzel Hisar’s entry tests on first of August in Namik Sevik.

Just Addicted


Today Ardi was back at Dr. Emine’s office to pick up some more work, to hopefully get paid for some of it.

‘Real’ Team Training

As of today, I started training under Demir Dizdar who’s a locally known football coach. There’s a promise of me being able to play for an actual team in the league.



Oh what a strong performance!! and an ever-repeating chorus too! Shame, their album costs more than an Eminem DVD.

This was last night at Istiklal Caddesi, near Taksim Square where we happened to be involved in a midnight party for our friend Stephan’s departure party who is going back to Germany after like 2-3 years in Istanbul.

You played too much

Emircan is usually someone who’s known to be pretty cool, but this time I’m pretty sure he was under influence of playing GTA too much.


Toy guns courtesy of bullied* 7-year old kids.



*No kids were actually harmed. Just convinced they’d get an ice cream for letting others play with their toys.

Busy Taksim



What If Ardi Wasn’t a Muggle

The Boy Who Lived

Ardi was a little child when he had many dreams. Like being a movie star. He always wanted to be a famous man when he grew up.

But the things didn’t seem to go the way he wanted, because soon in his life things he didn’t expect would happen.

There was a very bad boy in their town called Voldemort. He always used to fight with Ardi because they were like rivals to each other in the town and especially in school. If one of them wasn’t present in school for a month, then surely all the awards weren’t shared between them two, rather they would have all gone to the one being present at school.

After a lot of fights, finally Voldemort decided to get revenge of the last loss to Ardi. Voldemort picked up the scissors he found in Principal’s office and went to the school yard to fight Ardi.

Ardi was having fun with his gay mate (Not only his friend but Ardi himself was gay, get the rest) and Ardi first thought it’s a regular fight like always, just a punch and all, but that wasn’t right. Voldemort took the scissors in his hands, confident to hit Ardi with the hardest possible hit.

Ardi and his gay friend, Dudley saw him coming and it seemed that there is no way to escape for Ardi. In that moment something incredible happened. Dudley showed his love for Ardi and came close to Voldemort to avoid Ardi being hit. Dudley was badly injured and died but Ardi stayed alive though his willy had been cut off by the scissors.

The Wishing Glass

After a few months, Ardi thought about a new willy. He had gone to the shop and talked to the shop owners but none of them sold Ardi a willy. While he was looking at them and the glasses of shops he didn’t find anything and went back home without any luck.

The Letters From No One

Years after when he grew up, not only he wasn’t a movie star but he also didn’t even have a willy. All his hopes had gone bananas until he received some letters from someone called ‘Noone’ telling him he has a new technology to make Ardi his own new willy.

Ardi was like the happiest man on earth in that moment (if you can call him a man, that is).

But soon he found out the emails from ‘Noone’ were just spam (junk email). That could have been the end of willy dreams for Ardi but he still had hopes…

Just A Random Thought From The Past

It’s the 28th of April!
It is so cool to write like a jackass! Isn’t it? I think so!
So guys and gals let’s start the party where it’s a picnic or in a villa or something.
Anyway, better get going. It’s so late and we still haven’t got anything to get the party going. So leave it and try to make money somehow. You may be able to party if you made a dollar! So that’s not cool at all!