Focus On Speed

Was on the agenda today and it was carried out well.

Training At Night

In freezing temperatures and a slippery ground, but still did it good.

Serious Training Continues

A bit tired from last night’s game but that didn’t stop me from going full throttle in the evening double training.

Not That Bad Personally, But A Bad Result

And looked bad by me as they played me in the wrong position as well.

Back On Track

A lot of prospect for the new week, but first, the Sunday training and getting ready for the next week.
Let’s GO!

Back To 95%

But the progress I lost this week was too much.
Hard work, AGAIN.

About 60% Trained

And then had to finish it, gradually does it.

Recovery From Flu And Not Letting The Form Slip

Was again my main objective and I think I didn’t do that bad.

More Than Yesterday But Still Nothing

Compared to the last week trainings.
Need to get well soon, this illness came in the worst time possible.


Hate those! When you can’t train or train in pain and can’t complete the training in full.
Was one of those days, having a cold made it like that and there was nothing to stop it from getting there.
I also almost definitely lost the progress I had through my exercises in the past week and that by itself is a real big set back.
Let’s bounce back tomorrow.