Bringing It On

The gym was closed today and to be honest, my mild flu spell came in parallel to that and so I was happy to train half the gym amount at home and do the daily on the ball training in the park, also beating an opposition by miles.

End Of Another Fruitful Week

And I met two old friends, almost lost a Soccer ball, finished exercises in exactly 2 hours when I had 2 hours to do them and found out the gym is closed on Sunday.
So it’s gonna be all home exercises instead of the gym ones for tomorrow.

Good On The Field – Now To Fix The Little Details

Details are important and now we’re in the process of getting the kinks out of this all!
Let’s go.

Good Progress

Is all to describe what I had in the past week. It could have been better but things are starting to come into place.

Pushing It

Punishing schedule and targets as the training goes on as planned.

Speeding It Up

Had to speed up some stuff after getting slow on the others so that I can again do the stuff right and managed to do so with just a few minutes to spare.

Squeezing Everything Into A Day

Doing the gym, on the ball training and other stuff is getting hard because the trainings have been extended and the time hasn’t. Need better planning.

Ending The Week Marvelously

As everything was carried out despite all the fatigue.
Time to charge up the batteries and get ready for another week of action.

Tiring Week

Lots of double training, train camp-style exercise and definitely good results coming out of it.

Time to relax a bit now.

Even The Threadmill Was Shaking

After another good workout, the morning on the ball training was good too with some excellent stuff coming out of it.