Double Trainings Paying Off

But they need to be managed well to prevent any backfire during hard training.

Continuing The Pace

Heading for top form and fitness. And it shouldn’t be that far.

Trainings Going To The Full

And this is how it should be. Two separate trainings a day is the way to go, especially if one of them is only conditioning.

A Complete Re-Structuring

Enough of made up excuses and time to train like a real man!
Is what I told myself. Training will be harder and harder.

Uncalled To Game Again

I’m OK with not being on the field playing against another team once, but two Sundays in a row is bad.

More hard work is needed.

Game Planned For Sunday

And the last training was promising too.
Now to sort everything and get ready.

Back On Form After Slump

Thanks to hard training and great efforts.

Conditioning, Fitness Needed

Conditioned to the full today and need more of that to get to full fitness.

Morning Training With Ardi + Good Chest Workout

The morning training, bicycle ride and the great chest workout in the evening were the highlights.

Missing Sleep Made It All Difficult

And some less vital training had to be sacrificed.