Back On Leg Training

And it was impressive as there was only imporvement in every way.

Game Cancelled

Everybody wore their kits and was ready to get inside the ground.
Everybody paid (or so it seemed) the entry fee.

I was on top form, ready to rock on.

But we were denied entry and the game was cancelled after all that I did to prevent that.

Shocking facts:

The fee for renting the field for an hour is 190 TL, equivalent of $103!
There was money shortage and we only had 172 TL.
Nobody had any more money on them and after begging the field manager a lot of times he eventually turned off the lighting and almost gave us the finger.

I don’t get why he would rather have the field empty than get 18 TL less?
172 TL by itsef is around $95. Can’t we get a break? No, it seems.

Winning By Miles

In a game that initially me and eventually some others played bad in, I hit the bar twice, scored twice and assisted at least 3 another.

All Sprinting/Resistance Training Before Game

And it turned out to be bettter than expected and now fit for the game, I can expect to be much much better than last week.

Hitting Gym Hard, Cutting Sugars

Was the theme for today and it was actually hard but doing hard things is the only way to success.

Starting The Trainings Late

But still effective and that’s what’s important, almost always.

Properly Doing Something

Is the only right way to do it and that was what happened tonight.

Tying Loose Ends

And in some style! That’s the spirit. Really feel I’m back on track now.

No Building For Two Days, Small Training

Went well and although I lost in a challenge, I know what to improve now.

Very Tired But Assisted One And Scored The Equaliser

In a match that we went 1-0 up initially only to be pegged back by 3 opposition goals and while at 3-1 we got an unlikely goal by an unlikely player which then led to us getting another chance at goal with the morale boost, which I lobbed over the keeper from inside the box and even 2 defenders couldn’t get it out. A late winner came for us as well in a counter attack which meant we won 4-3.