Doing Everything Right

Leads to getting everything done right and that’s important.

Done several things today as well and I’m really getting tired.

About time the weekend came.

Many Objectives Done, Surprising The People At Gym

My methods of gaining muscle fast (being able to do 5 times what I did before in many muscle groups) are surprising some at the gym, who have been really doing just about the same stuff during the last 3 months. What a waste of gym membership fees for them. While I started from an empty bar bench press to get to the actually-still-very-low weight of 70 lbs total, what confuses them is that they started earlier but what they don’t know is that determination is key to everything. I’m aware that 70 lbs isn’t half or even a quarter of what some people can do but I’m happy with my own progress from 10 lbs to 70 lbs in what I think was a short amount of time.

In the meantime I’ve managed to upgrade the weight lifted by my legs (each) from 10 lbs to 60 lbs, so my main focus wasn’t really benchpressing, I HAD to upgrade my weak upper body that looked like an 11 year old girl.

Body building has virtually no limits (at least for some) but I’m going for the perfect Soccer-friendly body and stopping there, while keeping on upgrading my legs and abs ability.

Conditioning Exercise Gets To A Pro Point

Tonight it got that way and I saw that I’ve come a long way from not being able to run properly to being in control of the run and at a high speed.

It’s Harder At First

Then when you get into the rhythm it gets much easier and that was the case tonight.

Hard Work In Training

Along with consistency are things that will surely get results.

Had good examples of that tonight.

New Tradition(s)

* Went to Gym for the first time since 3 months ago, at a time before 18:30. (15:00)
* Actually saw some good quality sun light after a while!

It might just spark up some earlycism (I know that’s probably not a word) and change my habits, who knows?

Do The Dribble

We had a dribbling match in which I came back from 14-9 to win it 14-15.

Before that, I solved the gym equipment issue… for now.
Which was the fact that I maxed out two of the machines weight capacity.
Free weights were the answer and for now a 5 lbs weight did the trick.

Predictions Right, Gym At Night

Had good outcome with predictions tonight as well as a hard training in the gym later on.

By the way, I never realised we reached 1,000 posts last night.
Wow, It’s been a long time.

Here’s to the 1,001st! (This one! haha)

Different Hours Different Stories

Woke up feeling very bad with full cold symptoms, proceeded to think I might miss the night’s training but my best efforts were enough to salvage a good performance.

Gym Is OPEN! (Thank GOD!)

And had a good training subsequently, despite a minor cold issue which only made me uncomfortable and not much more than that.

Despite the fact that the gym is almost perfect in many senses, I might have to change it! Yes, the machines are pretty old and I’m already on the last weights on two machines, soon to be three.

Add to that not being able to add weights to them by dumbells or free weights at all, and the machines being capped at nearly 150 lbs as opposed to the industry standard 295 lbs, sporting reasons might have to be taken more seriously over friendship which is the only right thing to do.