What A Waste Of Time And Day Off

Is how I would describe this grace of a game, which was dominated by fights rather than actual play,
I guess you can’t expect much more than that here.

Not So Pro But That’s OK Bro

Is how it went down tonight, home treadmill (which only goes up to 10 km/h) and then followed by street football.

It’s a good consistency sign but the gym has to open soon… like NOW!

Good Training With Ardi

That’s all to say about it. Having Ardi around spiced things up.

Last Gym Training For 3 Days

And there was some struggle in the end although it started very well and fun.

Meanwhile on the ball trainings will be more focused upon in these upcoming days, which is probably for the best.

Good General Workout And Shot Practice

It was a practice of agility, strength and most important accuracy and the results were generally good.

Consistency The Key

To being successful and the good training today just means that the consistency was good.

Sports Centre Holiday Times Known

And there’s both good and bad sides to it.

-It’s not going to screw up the current set Weekly Program which is until this Sunday.
-At least we know it beforehand, unlike the last time around.

-It’s going to be 3 full days without GYM!!!
-The 4th day is also going to be an open day with limited time. Not a biggie.

So all in all, good planning is needed.

General Training Done Right

That says it and the fatigue after it shows it all!

well, these exercises have already paid off a bit and I’m sure they will in the future, too.

Awesome Leg Workout – The Milestone

Reached the end of the weights in two machines in the same day! They don’t have much of weight as some other gym equipment do, but still reaching the 70 KG mark was good. I’ll be sure to try and get it up to 100 KG eventually, with dumbells and weights.

A Very Immature Performance

Because the lights were completely out. That doesn’t justify anything but hindered the performance at least a little.