Slow Training Day

But still fulfilled the objectives, which is good but need to do better tomorrow.

Revenge In Style: 20-11 Win

After last night’s fast paced but non-vindictive performance, I came back with a great performance and a great result. One that I truly deserved. Rest of the night was spent doing leg training.

The Last Minute Loss 30-32

Did some hardcore gym training today.

Bad news was that I couldn’t upgrade the weights on any but one of them.

Good news, it went pretty well and managed a good football training afterwards.

Back On The Ball

It was good and although it doesn’t replicate a real match completely, practicing for a match is a must.

Hard Training Carried Out Very Well

Managed to get a very good grip on the training as I continued on, having left the right ankle problem almost behind now. The goal is still far away but baby steps are steps too.

Forced Changes In Training

A minor knock on the right ankle from last night meant that today’s leg exercises were postponed to at least tomorrow and due to other schedules colliding I ended up starting the training exhausted and very late.

Not A Real Test But Still A Good Practice

Won in a small sided game by 16-5 with a nearly-dominant performance and survived an ankle injury scare before coming back from 5-7 to win the single shot game 20-18.

Conditioned And [Almost] In Full Form

Except for a minor knock on the inner thigh, it’s all fit for me at the moment.
Let’s see if we can set up a friendly for tomorrow.

Doing Things Right

Is my motto and hopefully will be as the trainings went smooth today as well.

‘Triple’ Training

Turns out, the more you push the better the results! No use fooling around in training, hard core is the answer.